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Outdoor Master Filter

Your water is now safe, free from harmful particles


Enjoy fresh & clean water for all your household uses, such as washing, showering, cooking, laundry, and drinking. Outdoor Master Filter extends the life cycle of the drinking indoor water purifier because 98% of harmful particles from the water supply right in front of your house. 


Master Filter only required to service (Replace filter media) every 3-5 years once. Thus, due to the longer filter life, this outdoor filtration is an inexpensive way to have clean & fresh household water. 

Get one for your home today! Quick Installation within Johor Bahru Area.  Click Here for direct enquiry. 

Type: Fibre
Model: 0942
Price RM750.00

Model: 1042
Price RM950.00

Type: Stainless Steel
Model: 1040
Price: RM1350.00

All models comes with 10 Years Warranty on Vessel and Free Installation. 


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